Learning Jive Dance in Atascocita TX for Fun, Social Activity and Exercise

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


For lessons in Jive Dance Atascocita TX residents can sign up for one of the studios in the area offering courses. People have become more familiar with this style because of the hit TV show Dancing With the Stars, and interest has become strong. Jive is a variation of the jitterbug, but the steps are faster and less restrained. Anyone who hasn’t seen a couple doing these steps on a dance floor might take a look at some online videos of the show featuring a professional dancer and one of the stars who is learning the moves.

Taking lessons in this type of dance has numerous advantages. It’s a fun activity, and students can sign up individually, in pairs or in small groups. It’s an opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances. It’s also an excellent way to get in better shape and lose some excess weight. Even when it’s raining, and people aren’t inclined to go for a hike or a bike ride, they can dance at home or show off their newly learned moves at a club. They’ll be glad they decided to participate in lessons with an organization such as Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

When it comes to lessons in Jive Dance Atascocita TX has some fine instructors available to get students started. They may share a brief history of the dancing style during the course. Jive developed in the United States, likely beginning in the 1920s. Originally, it was primarily associated with the African-American population in the Southeast, just as the jitterbug was. Interest in the style spread to the northeast, particularly to the New York City area. As decades passed, it became very popular in the ballroom scene and expanded throughout the world. The reasons for the dance being named jive are unclear, but the word was common in slang usage in the world of swing and jazz music. As a more encompassing style than the jitterbug, jive often includes moves and steps from other dances. Nobody should be surprised when they recognize a bit of swing, the hustle or disco fox while watching professionals and amateurs performing jive.

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