Let A Drilling Service In Hawaii Secure A Building, Bridge Or Road

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


When a foundation fails in Hawaii, repairing it requires the workmanship of experienced foundation repair contractors. The subsurface in Hawaii is different than other areas of the country. Each foundation or retaining wall in Hawaii requires that the geotechnical issues addressed by an engineer using state-of-the-art technologies. A Drilling Service in Hawaii can select the proper techniques that need to be used to stabilize a home or business. Cracks in concrete are a sign a structure needs to be secured. Another sign of foundation problems is when doors and windows won’t open or close properly. Securing the foundation of a home or business is important to its structural integrity.

When the subsurface under a home shifts, the foundation will too. This shifting causes a home to become un-level and unstable. The home must be re-leveled to its original position. A foundation service has the technology to fill voids below slabs and foundations with an advanced grouting system. The grouting system can be used for foundation stabilization or cutoff walls. This is the same type of system used on many highways in California to secure, repair, and restore uneven pavement on their highways.

Drilling Service in Hawaii for new construction or renovation requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced company. Failure to stabilize and prevent erosion and undermining of an abutment can create a serious safety concern for the stability of a bridge. Anchors must be installed through the shotcrete layer and substrate material and locked off. Eliminating an erosion problem doesn’t mean a large concrete wall needs to be built. A sculptured look of rock can provide an aesthetically natural appearance.

Homes or businesses that are built on expansive clayey soils don’t ever have to worry about heaving or settling with the changing season. Clayey soils can be stabilized permanently with the use of Uretek compaction grouting. The grouting system is a Green Market Solutions (GMS) Soil Stabilizer. There are other types of stabilization that can be performed such as a drilled, driven, or helical system. Whenever a roadway, bridge, foundation, wall, or bridge require stabilization, contact Structural Systems Inc. Their knowledgeable engineering staff and thoroughly trained personnel will secure the building and the ground below it with the best materials and workmanship available in the area.

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