Lighting The Pool Area

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Apr, 2019


When you have a pool, you might not want to always swim during the day. One way that you can swim at night while still seeing clearly is by installing pool deck lighting. There are several designs to consider along with a few different ways that you can install the lights depending on the type of deck that you have.

If there are raised areas of your deck, then install the lights along the steps so that you can see where you’re going when you’re walking at night. Avoid using lights that are too bright as it can take away from the subtle glow that you want to deliver. Another option is to use lights along the edges of your deck. You can put the lights along the rails so that they shine on the areas above the floor and on the floor. You might need to position the lights in various ways until you’re able to get them just right, but this is an option for smaller decks or pools that are in darker areas without a lot of other lights that are outside the home.

Position small lights around the furniture that you have on the deck. When you’re looking at pool deck lighting, this is an option to think about if you want to highlight the chairs and other details while leaving the water in the pool a bit darker. You can position lights around the base of the deck on the ground so that they shine up to the surface instead of placing them directly on the deck itself. Decorative lights are an option as well and can be placed in the corners of the deck along with tables and other decorations that highlight the pool area. You can add a few fun lights to the edge of the pool that contrast with the deck lights for an entertaining design.

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