Limited Access Drilling Services in Honolulu

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Large rigs are typically used for most commercial Drilling Service in Honolulu. In some cases, large rigs will simply not fit. Areas with a low overhead clearance, corner installations, and tight spaces do not allow enough room for standard size drilling equipment to maneuver. Limited access rigs are smaller, narrower, and can get the job completed in low and tight spaces. Experienced companies, such as Structural Systems Inc, have both types of equipment to accommodate any needs of residential and commercial customers. Standard rigs, along with different types of limited access rigs, are available to save time, avoid delays in services, and save money on rental costs that can accumulate in certain situations where standard rigs are not suitable.

Residential drilling is done to install deep foundation systems that provide solutions to unstable soil conditions often found on the Islands. Drilling options include small diameter piping, as well as standard diameters, depending on the type of home constructed and the soil conditions in that specific area. Drilling probes are available during the planning stages of new homes and developments. It is wise to have the land drilled and assessed before beginning any renovation or building projects. The company has worked well with designers, architects, and engineers on a vast array of residential construction projects to ensure the safety of occupants and to make sure the structure is strong and stable.

Commercial Drilling Service in Honolulu ranges from design and built projects to seawall repair. Slope stabilization and remedial underpinning are conducted for embankments, overpasses, and highways. The re-leveling of foundations is a common service required. Shifting of the land can result in part of the foundation sinking into the earth, cracks in the foundation as it slides or shakes, and weakness of the overall foundation. Repairs, bracing, and lifting affected areas restore the safety and stability of a building. Load transfers are also possible via drilling services. Shoring systems, auger cast piles, and drilled shaft piles are offered as well. In addition to drilling, concrete spall repair, remediation projects due to deterioration, and installations of guardrail systems are also available services. Custom railing systems are also available for homes, businesses, and tourist attractions.

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