Low Back Pain in Lexington, KY Information

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Low back pain can be caused by several things. It can occur from an accident, genetics, muscle strain and disc issues. There are several symptoms that one can experience from low back pain in Lexington, KY. If you are experiencing lower back pain, contact your physician.

Symptoms of lower back pain can be significant or be subtle, and you may not notice them. May experience difficulty moving that can make it difficult or prevent you from walking, standing or sitting. You can experience pain the groin area, buttock area, and upper thigh area. Pain ranges from person to person. Low Back Pain in Lexington KY can be debilitating, or it can be manageable until treatment is sought out. Pain can be sharp that comes and goes or a dull persistent ache. Some people experience soreness only when the area is touched or moved.

Lower back pain can be caused by several things. The most common cause of back pain is a muscle or ligament strain. This can occur from heavy object lifting, twisting or a sudden movement. This causes microscopic tears and can be very painful if not managed. Lower back pain can also be caused by a herniated disk. This can cause pressure on the back and nerves in the back. This pain is very sudden and comes in waves. Another cause of lower back pain is degenerative disk disease. This causes the lumbar disks to break down causing pain. This can cause inflammation in the lower back and will lead to back spasms and sciatic nerve pain.

Depending on the cause of the lower back pain, there are several options that can help treat the pain. For muscle strains and ligament strains it can be treated with rest and cold compresses. It can also be treated with a warm compress. Another treatment that many seek is over the counter pain medications while the back is healing. Some chiropractors give exercises to help manage pain. The exercises are intended to rebuild and stretch the muscles so that the patient can build strength and endurance in their backs. For more information about low back pain visit.

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