Low-Maintenance, High-Design Style

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Terrazzo floors will look great for many years to come when the proper polishing, sealing, and refinishing methods are followed. Refinishing terrazzo floors is only necessary with the old-fashioned materials, and modern terrazzo floor tiles only require cleaning with a mild cleanser. Design enthusiasts that are reluctant to take on the regular task of refinishing terrazzo floors have embraced the ease and simplicity of terrazzo tile.

Modernity Wins Again

Typical stone floors require a lot of maintenance such as polish and sealants that must be applied on a regular and time-consuming basis. Refinishing terrazzo floors is a large undertaking, and its necessity puts a lot of people off from using this material; engineered terrazzo tiles require no laborious upkeep methods and will look great for many years with just the simplest cleaning routines.

In addition to the low maintenance requirements, this material is durable and holds up well to all manner of wear and tear, making it a suitable choice for flooring throughout the home.

Refinishing Terrazzo Floors is a Thing of the Past

Terrazzo tile floors are created with an engineering process that has made them a popular option in home design. Previous terrazzo materials proved too difficult to maintain and were excluded from many design ideas until these recent technological advancements were introduced.

With their striking look and minimal upkeep requirements, terrazzo tiles continue to gain popularity as a durable and long-lasting material choice for flooring.

Trend USA Ltd. is a full-service production house of fine terrazzo tile. The company was founded in Italy in 2000 and has expanded to multiple locations throughout the world. The United States arm of the firm is based in Florida with a production facility located in Sebring and corporate offices in the greater Miami area. When creating their engineered terrazzo tile, Trend utilizes best-in-class production practices that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

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