Lowering The Chances Of A Conviction With A DUI Law Attorney In Jerome, ID

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


In Idaho, drivers face a conviction for DUI if they have a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent. However, there are reasons in which the driver could avoid a conviction. Certain conditions could apply according to the driver’s civil rights. A DUI Law Attorney in Jerome ID provides legal assistance with a criminal defense.

Requesting the Second Sample

The driver must request a second blood sample for their attorney. The attorney secures the sample from the correctional officers who obtained it. The attorney submits the sample to a testing facility. The results for each sample must match in order to secure a conviction. If they don’t, the attorney could move to have the charges dismissed.

Initiating Miranda Rights

Miranda Rights are available to all individuals who are arrested. The officers must explain these rights to criminal defendants when they are taken into custody. Even drunk drivers have the right to initiate their right to an attorney under these Civil Rights. This doesn’t imply that the driver doesn’t have to submit to testing for drugs or alcohol. It could, however, delay the process.

Building a Strong Defense

The attorney assesses the circumstances of the arrest and builds a defense. Common defenses for a DUI are no probable cause, driving due to necessity, and a mistake of fact. The defense defines a legal reason for why the driver had to drive while they were intoxicated. It could also define critical errors made by the law enforcement.

Provide Attorney with All Facts

The driver must present the attorney with all facts associated with their arrest. These details could help them identify the correct defense for the charges. This could include issues that could equate to a violation of the defendant’s civil rights.

In Idaho, drivers are charged with a DUI based on their blood-alcohol content reading. The reading defines if the driver is guilty of a standard DUI or if it is considered aggravated. The defendant could acquire a defense based on the circumstances of their arrest. Defendants who need assistance contact a DUI Law Attorney in Jerome ID and make an appointment right now.

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