Maintenance Tips from Air Conditioner Repair in Loughman FL Technicians

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


A durable air conditioning system is economical and stress free. It offers comfort in industrial, residential and office spaces. Some systems and appliances break down because they lack proper maintenance. Experts have offered incredible tips on how to guarantee the durability of your appliances. The tips are shared below.

Clear the Condenser

The condenser is situated outside the house and is responsible for cooling. It should remain free of debris like tree shrubs, dust, brushes and grass clipping. Clearing this part ensures that you achieve maximum efficiency with the system.

Shade the Condenser

This is done by planting trees and shrubs to prevent direct-hitting sun. The step minimizes the work done by the condenser. The trees should not be too close to cause the leaves to fall on the appliance and disrupt its operation.

Regular Cleaning

Operation manuals provide cleaning procedures for all appliances. This should be done on a regular basis. Some systems will require experts in Air Conditioner Repair in Loughman FL because of their complexity. An amateur is at risk of destroying the equipment because he lacks expertise and proper tools. The power should be turned off during cleaning with a delicate approach around the coil.

Regular Change of Filters

The frequency of using the air conditioner determines how often filters need to be changed. Filters have a direct impact on the quality of air. It is recommended that you change them as often as every 30 to 60 days depending on frequency of use.

Clear the Area Around Your Cooling Vents

A clear path reduces the work done by your condensers. They thus operate effectively and require less energy. You will achieve a cool and comfortable house without spending a lot on energy or overworking your appliances. Seasoned technicians in Air Conditioner Repair in Loughman FL offer insights on positioning and how best to maintain your system running.

Find Heating And Cooling Alternatives

Ceiling fans, drapes and other items are effective in keeping the house cool without using the AC system. Heat production equipment like ovens and drying cycle dishwashers should also be avoided when possible because of their counter effect.

In case you are having any problem with your air conditioning system, call reputable technicians to resolve the issue. A company like Charles M Watts AC has experienced and well trained technicians to handle all types of air conditioning services.

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