Make Your Home the Best on the Lot

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Landscaping is serious business. You want your home to look pretty, not just because you’ll have guests and your neighbors next door to think about, but because it is your home. Residential landscaping provides a prime opportunity to make your yard, front and back, the talk of the town in a good way, and Angie’s List has some suggestions on how to find the best landscaper for you.

1. Have a good idea in mind for what you want done first, if nothing else. You can’t get someone to do residential landscaping if you don’t know what you want done, after all. Plus, depending upon the job you’re looking at will help narrow down the choices for your landscaper. Not all landscapers can make elaborate works of art out of a yard, after all.

2. A landscaper’s credentials are their bread and butter. Often a landscaping company will have a portfolio of older works, so once you have your idea in mind you can search for the best company that has done work similar before. If they’ve made a yard look fancy once, then they might be able to do it twice. If making art out of a yard is all their portfolio is, then that’s what they specialize in.

3. Credentials of course also lead in to experiences. A landscaper, a decent and good one that will help you make your yard the best yard there is, should have experience. If they haven’t had many jobs, then they might not have the experience necessary to work your yard. Conversely, though, too many jobs might be a sign of an overworked company and lead to poor landscaping.

4. Find the landscaper that fits your yard. It’s not just their credentials or experience. It’s not their portfolio alone that matters. What matters is, if they can even do the job that you want. Some landscapers work in specific designs only, while others are general jacks of all trades. Seek out the landscaper that meets your needs best, first and foremost.

If you want your yard to look amazing, then you need only find someone who is willing to, and can follow through on, amazing work. With your yard idea in mind and the beauty of the internet, you are certain to find someone, somewhere, that can match your vision and make it a reality.

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