Managing Stress with EFT

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jan, 2015


EFT is considered to be a powerful and simple method of self-help acupressure that is used for balancing energy in a person’s body. Studies have shown that emotional trauma, tension and stress can all contribute to disease. With EFT, the tension and the impact of the memories that are responsible for triggering emotional distress can be reduced significantly. Additionally, once the distress has been removed or reduced, the body will be able to rebalance itself and the ability it has to heal will be accelerated naturally.

When EFT is applied properly, then as much as 80 percent of clients will see an improvement or a complete eradication of the issue that is being experienced. EFT is a proven and effective treatment method for a large number of different physical issues, which include:

  • Physical symptoms such as retained pain and headaches.
  • Issues in children.
  • Depression
  • Phobias and fears
  • Anxiety and Stress

Advantages of Using EFT

In some cases, explaining the effect of EFT can be difficult, and the majority of people will understand how it works after a successful experience. It can help to clear away older traumas and there are a number of people who will also begin to notice the fading of physical ailments. Issues such as back pain, headaches and a number of other discomforts can be reduced or vanished as the emotional issues you are suffering from are released.

Learning EFT

The EFT technique is able to be used by anyone, both the old and young. You have all the tools that you need at your fingertips. EFT is done with words in tune with a specific issue and the tapping of certain acupressure points for clearing the issue. After you learn how to properly use EFT you will be able to practice it at any time when you need in order to achieve the successful results.

Manage Day to Day Stresses with EFT

When you are under pressure, just a few rounds of the EFT technique will give the ability to feel much calmer think more clearly and even act in a resourceful manner. Everyday stress will take less of a toll on your system once you are able to use EFT as a stress reduction tool. It can be taken from the therapy room and used in your everyday situations to help you manage day to day stress.


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