Many Types of Trailer Service in Shingle Springs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


The type of Trailer Service Shingle Springs needed depends on the size and purpose of the trailer. A utility trailer, for example, will not require the same services and maintenance as a trailer used to transport horses. The parts, suspension systems, tires, and accessories will be completely different. Finding one shop that can provide services for all types of trailers can save customers time and money. It is quite possible to have customers who own both utility and horse trailers. Getting all the services, parts, tools, and even new trailers, in one stop is convenient and cost-effective. It also allows experienced technicians to become familiar with the functioning components and needs of your particular trailer, which will expedite future assessments and diagnosis.

Experienced dealers, such as Vintage Transport, provide trailers from top manufacturers for all applications. Utility, car, lawn and garden trailers, quad haulers, and dump trailers are available for sale from Pace American, Carry On, C&B Carson, as well as others. In addition to sales and Trailer Service in Shingle Springs, trailers can also be custom fabricated to exact specifications to suit unique needs. Customers can Visit the website for complete capabilities, a list of repair services available, and to browse current inventory. Free estimates are available on repairs and financing is available on new purchases so customers can discover details on those aspects as well.

After purchasing a new trailer, or while having one repaired, is may be wise to consider adding a protective coating to help protect the investment. LINE-X spray-on protective coatings is not just for prolonging the life of truck beds. Spraying one of the available coatings onto the sides, interior, or roof of trailers offers protection against scratches, rust, dents, and general wear and tear. Hauling things makes a trailer messy, dirty, and wet. Excessive moisture, stuck in mud and grime, and scrapes from rocks or tree branches can erode the materials, make the trailer look terrible, and be difficult to clean up. A protective coating eliminates those issues while protecting the finish of the trailer. Coatings can also be used for boats, motorcycles, outdoor furniture, recreational vehicle tops and sides, equipment, and even floors. Browse the website for more information.

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