Massage Therapy Certification Allows You To Change Peoples Lives

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Massage therapy can be incredibly helpful for people who are in pain or having discomfort in their lives. In order to pursue a career in massage therapy in Arizona, a person must first get massage therapy certification. Once that has been done there are many way to help change people’s lives through the use of massage therapy.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the process of using stimulation and manipulation to press or rub the skin, ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints. Massage therapists use a wide variety of objects to accomplish the massage including their hands and fingers or their forearms, elbows or even their feet. A massage can be deep and intense or very light depending on what is needed.

Learn Different Types of Massage for Different Issues

Deep Tissue Massage – a deep issue massage uses slow forceful strokes that are formulated to penetrate the deepest layers of muscles. This type of massage is usually done to help with damage resulting from injuries.  This work is also referred to as Fascial Therapy, Myofascial Release, Rolfing and Connective Tissue Therapy

Swedish Massage – this type of massage uses techniques that energize and relax the recipient by utilizing long strokes, vibrations, kneading, tapping and deep circular movements.

Sports Massage – sports massage is geared toward people that are having pain due to a sports related injury. It can also be used to help prevent athletes from injuring themselves and to keep them in their peak athletic condition.

Trigger Point Massage (NMT) – this type of massage focusses on specific target areas that are experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of overuse or injury.

Use Your Massage Therapy Certification to Benefit Others

There are many benefits of having massage therapy done. In addition to providing pain relief and relaxation massage therapy has also been shown to improve overall health by reducing stress, anxiety and muscle tension. Massage therapy can also alleviate headaches, calm digestive issues, and overcome insomnia.

Understanding the Needs of your Massage Clients

One of the most important things a massage therapist will do is listen to their clients and work out a treatment plan according to their wishes. They will evaluate the pain level and determine a course of action and massage plan to help deal with all the problems their client is having. Massage therapists need to know how to listen to the people they are helping and work out a way to most effectively help them.

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