Master Locksmiths in Chicago, IL Keep Homeowners Secured

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2018


If you want to secure your home, you can upgrade your security features by installing a deadbolt lock. Security experts recommend a deadbolt lock because it is usually made of steel. The bolt extends into the hole on the door jamb and is supported by a strike plate. Long screws are used to affix the plate into the studs of the door’s frame.

Installing a Single Bolt Lock

Master locksmiths in Chicago, IL can install single-bolt or double-bolt systems. For a single-bolt lock, a key is required to open the door from the outside. However, the door can be locked or unlocked with a simple twist of a knob on the inside.

Double Bolts Can Be Problematic

When master locksmiths install a double bolt lock, keys must be made to open the door from the outside and inside. Because of this requirement, a double deadbolt lock can cause the user problems. For example, if you need to escape your home in an emergency, you may have a hard time getting out of the house. If you do not keep a key next to the door or inside the lock, you may not be able to escape.

Do Your Doors Have Breakable Windows?

Master locksmiths also caution homeowners about windows inside doors that can be broken to get to the knob of a single-bolt locking system. Trespassers can also use the key placed near a double-deadbolt if they use this method of breaking into a home.

Therefore, if your door has windows, you should replace them before you install a deadbolt locking system. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of adding the lock at all. Many exterior doors today are made with reinforced glass to discourage burglary.

Contact an Expert in the Locksmith Industry

To learn more about equipping your doors with a deadbolt lock, contact a reliable company, such as the Security Shop Inc. Make sure you use the services of an expert in the field. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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