McArdle Surgical Meeting the Needs of the Elderly

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


It’s inevitable that the world’s population is headed for the same destination, the golden years of old age. In today’s, youth-driven culture, it seems that many of the elderly’s needs are not accounted for compared to the catered-to younger population. In just the last decade, accommodations for seniors weren’t nearly so prevalent as they are gradually becoming now. Perhaps it’s time for making additional, pertinent changes to accommodate the one who is ultimately looking back in the mirror.

In many cultures, the older citizens are held in a more inclusive status, rather than being ostracized or sent off to a nursing home or other facility. In America, a senior’s destination could be a bit more bleak, without the financial support and funding of friends and family to assist them. Now that the baby boomers have approached and now exceeded middle age, it’s important to prepare the way for one of the largest social components to the world’s population.

Ask a senior what he or she places as a priority in their life as their aging progresses, and they will tell you, it’s their independence. The key to maintaining independence is access to numerous assistive devices that enables them to stay at home functioning as a productive citizen. This is where mobility devices like walkers and canes, stair lifts, and bathroom aids come into play. Without the benefit of the special help provided due to an increase in health issues, many of the world’s elderly are paying a high price. That price being more falls, more broken bones, and the likelihood of those mishaps resulting in the most feared outcome; moving out of their homes and into a facility with the provided care of strangers.

McArdle Surgical has been contributing their fair share of assistance to seniors in the Pittsburgh, PA area for years. They’ve been attentive to the needs of seniors by providing exactly what will help the older population thrive. Visit Website for more information.

Whether it’s the anticipation of upcoming needs for a culture’s elderly, or simply a renewed awareness that the seniors we assist in a culture are who we are reflecting back in the mirror. It is not too late to get up to speed. McArdle Surgical is already steps ahead of meeting the needs of the culture’s aging population.

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