Measuring For MDF Doors And Drawer Fronts

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


If you have decided you want to do a remodeling project, you’re probably thinking of the kitchen. Most people find that fixing up the drawer fronts and doors of their cabinets can bring out the best in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s a common remodeling option for many because it is inexpensive and can change the whole look. However, you may be considering traditional wood options and may want to rethink that to include MDF (medium-density fiberboard) instead.

Because medium-density fiberboard is made of tiny wood particles and glue, it is less expensive than wood but is made differently than particleboard. Particleboard is notorious for being flimsy and a poor choice, but medium-density fiberboard is still durable and strong. However, before rushing out and starting the job, it may be helpful to measure the door and front first.


The hinges you choose for the door will make a difference as to the size of fiberboard needed. Therefore, you should decide if you want to keep the same hinges or use something else. If you choose a new hinge, let the company know when you include your measurements.

Opening Size

While you won’t order the materials based on this size, it is helpful to know. They will need to know the complete opening size so they’ll be able to determine the full amount you need. When writing it down, you should include the width first. While most companies choose to round down, you may want to round up by 1/16th of an inch to account for a slight mistake.

Order Sizes

Most people require a 1/2-inch overlay. If you need that overlay amount, you will add one full inch to the width and height of your opening size. You may also call the company you are considering to ask them questions about order sizes. You can provide the opening size and explain whether you want an inlay or overlay so that they can make the correct measurements.

Other Options

If you do not want to or cannot measure your own doors and drawer fronts, you may wish to contact the company you wish to use. They’ll be able to come out and take the measurements for your new MDF door. Most people prefer to let the professional handle it. However, you may still want to do the measurements yourself, so you have it for your records.

Measuring for MDF doors and drawer fronts isn’t necessarily hard, but may be better done by a professional. Visit Lovech Ltd. today to learn more.

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