Mitigation System Installation: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


Exposure to radon gas can lead to lung cancer and possibly to a lot of other health problems and complications. Finding out that you have unsafe radon levels in your home can be a daunting thought. Here are a few helpful things you’ll want to know:

Fixing the problem

Unsafe radon levels don’t have to drive you out of your home. A mitigation system installation can help solve the problem for you. With 1 out of 15 homes showing high radon levels, based on the National Radon Program Services, mitigation services are now better than ever. Companies are much more equipped to handle the problem, thus ensuring better results.

Treating radon

Simple repairs to your home can help reduce radon levels. The effects might be minimal, but if the radon level is only slightly elevated in your property, this might effectively lower yours to safer levels. Sealing the cracks in your house’s foundation isn’t going to put a stop to the problem entirely. However, it’s a good first step. Installing a mitigation system might not be as effective if you still have foundation openings that could easily let radon gas into your home. Sealing these off restricts gas from coming indoors.

Mitigation essentials

The fans should never be put inside the home or in your home’s crawlspace. Keep it in the attic or outdoors. Are you thinking of putting it in your garage? That’s only going to work if there’s no living space above it, so keep that in mind. Put the indicator where you have easy access to it. That way, you can regularly check it for any problems or issues in the future. Lastly, once the mitigation system installation is complete, have your home retested for radon levels after 24 hours or no later than 30 days. Radon levels should be significantly lower. For more information, contact SWAT Environmental.

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