Monument Sand Blasting in CT

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Business


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When ordering a cemetery monument for a recently deceased loved one, the family wants the best design possible. While there are many ways to create a beautiful and lasting memorial, there is really no competition when it comes to the benefits of Sand Blasting in CT. Here are a few reasons why.

  *     With other methods of design or of etching upon the gravestone, sandblasting offers the opportunity to provide detailed images. There is virtually an endless amount of images, text, or other intricate designs that can be applied to the memorial. With today’s technology that is aided by CAD software, the design is loaded into a computer and then “drawn” onto the stone by following a pre-marked stencil.

  *     Sand Blasting in CT is a very fast process. The entire monument is usually completed within a matter of days unlike in the past when it could take as long as several weeks to complete the process. This is great because the family will not have to wait and endure a long, drawn out waiting period.

  *     Sandblasting can be done on site. This is an advantageous option if the headstone is older and needs updating or if the memorial is already in place in the cemetery and just needs some touching up. Any work that can be in the company work area can also be done in the cemetery.

  *     In addition to headstone design, sandblasting can also be used to help keep the monument clean and protect it from the effects of time and the weather. Most discolorations that naturally occur over time can be removed via the sand blasting technique and any vegetation, such as moss, can be removed as well. Sandblasting can even be used to level the headstone when surface variances occur over the natural course of time.

Contact us for more information about using sandblasting on a cemetery memorial of a loved one or for price quotes if a project has already been agreed upon by the family. Our expert team can also provide guidance if there is uncertainty about what is needed or what the best method is.

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