Moving Service in Tulsa Offers Tips When Moving with Pets

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2014


Each person has their own source of pride: a new car, home, or even some kind of taxidermy from their last kill. It could even be a large 200 gallon aquarium. But when it comes to moving, pets are the one area that is considered the most complex. A canary in a cage, catfish in the aquarium, or just a potted ficus all of them live and feel if there is “something wrong.” Your task, and the task of the Moving Service in Tulsa, is to ensure that the pets do not suffer physically and mentally. These tips will help you do just that.

  • One of the most complex procedures is preparing a tank for transport. If you want your fish to suffer a move safely, you need to create the most comfortable conditions. Before moving, you need to pour clean water from the tank into another container (bucket or jar). Transplant the fish into that container. Plants from the aquarium should also be placed into another container with a bit of “native” water. Soil from the aquarium should be put into separate plastic bags. Empty the aquarium, wash it out, and wrap in cloths or bubble wrap.
  • Cats and small dogs are usually transported in an animal crate. If it’s cold outside, try not to let the animal freeze. Better to let it stay in the car or at home a little longer. Also, it is important to have a bottle of water to quench the animal’s thirst whether it is cold or hot outside. During and after moving, the animals should be kept close because the animals might not understand what’s going on. When transporting large dogs you need to take every precaution. It is not always necessary to put a muzzle and leash on it. Instead, use a soft leash harness.
  • Houseplants should be transported in insulated vans, where the right temperature and humidity is ideal. The Moving Service in Tulsa is worth the extra money, but not all homeowners are willing to make such expenditures. However, an isothermal van is mandatory only for hothouse flowers let’s say, for tropical. Watering potted plants on moving day is not necessary. You can stop watering and spraying two days before the move.

Moving day can be hectic, especially with pets. However, with the right tools and professionals you can make it out unscathed. For more information, Contact NAL Moving Service Company today.

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