Moving Valuables With Moving Companies In New Orleans

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Many homeowners and businesses in the city of New Orleans have valuable items they may need to move. This is not uncommon and moving companies in New Orleans have a range of different options owners can consider to safeguard and protect their valuable inventory.

Always ask any moving companies in New Orleans being considered about their valuation policies. The best companies will offer different types of valuation based on weight or on actual replacement costs.

What is Valuation?

The customer is actually the party responsible for determining the valuation, or the amount the carrier is responsible, for any loss or damage during the move. This includes if the damage occurs when the movers are packing, loading, transporting, storing, unloading or unpacking the property.

All licensed moving companies in New Orleans will provide a basic liability amount, which is provided to the customer with no additional cost. The mover will assume a liability of sixty cents per pound per item in the event an item is lost or damaged while in the carrier’s control, custody or care.

Higher Value Items

For more costly items, moving companies in New Orleans offer a customer the option to choose full value protection. This sets the minimum liability for the mover at a minimum of $6.00 per pound multiplied by the weight of the item and not more than $100 per pound. These items do not need to be separately listed on a high-value inventory, but this coverage does have an additional cost.

High-Value Inventory

Items to be transported by moving companies in New Orleans more than $100 per pound per item in value can be listed on a high-value inventory. The customer must identify the items, and they are written on the high-value inventory by the moving team at the time of packing and placing in the moving truck.

These may be antique items, collections, works of art or other valuable possessions. The customer also agrees to provide proof of the value of the items should a claim arise for loss or damage. With this coverage, the carrier is required to provide full replacement value for the items.

With these different options moving companies in New Orleans make it easy for their clients to have the protection and security needed for typical household items as well as those of value.

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