Need Branch Removal in Bronx, NY? Leave It To The Professionals

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Trees are valuable assets to any property. Beyond the increased value, they also provide beauty and shade. The comfort people enjoy under trees is instinctual, a tie to nature stretching back to the very beginnings of the human race. However, proper tree care is necessary to maintain that beauty and protect not only the trees on the property but also the house beneath the trees and the safety of one’s own family. That is what makes tree damage a serious issue to be dealt with by professional tree services that can carry out proper branch removal in Bronx NY.

There are two reasons to carry out branch removal, with the first being clearance following a severe weather event. The second one focuses on necessary pruning to maintain the continued integrity and health of the trees. This latter necessity can be complicated by the presence of hidden damage that may not be apparent to the naked eye but can be revealed by a thorough tree inspection by certified arborists.

Loose or falling branches constitute a serious risk of injury or even death. Some of these branches are very large and beyond the physical capacity of the homeowner to handle. Branches can be broken off from the trunk from storm damage, the weight of snow and ice, and by rot. Removing these branches is a dangerous job. This is where a professional tree service helps by bringing in a crew and industrial equipment for the job. Successful removal can limit damage to other limbs of the tree or the trunk. Depending on the magnitude of the task, the affected branch can be sectioned and taken down in pieces. Following the removal of the actual limb, the arborist will then treat the stump to prevent insect intrusion or infection and maintain the overall health of the tree.

Strategic pruning following storm damage can restore the balance of the tree and improve its post-surgery appearance. However, this service is also prudent as a preventative measure. Identifying which limbs may be most vulnerable to storm damage and threaten the integrity of the tree itself is a vital step towards carrying out proper tree maintenance. By trimming these problem branches, more serious damage can be avoided and the life of the tree maintained. Visit us for a consultation when you are in need of professional branch removal in Bronx NY.

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