Needing A Prosthetic Hip In Mansfield OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


The use of prosthetics has a long history. In fact, evidence of the use traces back to ancient Egypt. Early devices were made of metal and heavy stone. It was not until the 16th century that doctors realized amputation saved lives. At that point, scientists began trying to improve these devices. Most prosthetics are made out of the best materials available. Prosthetics are often used to replace legs and arms. There are two prostheses for legs, transtibial and transfemoral.

Transtibial refers to below the knee. On the other hand, a transfemoral prosthesis has an artificial knee joint that hooks to the thigh. Experts must take a thorough history to decide what the patient needs. Several factors come into play including how much leg a person has left. In addition, prosthetic devices come in different price ranges. Unfortunately, the best devices are very expensive.

Prosthetics are widely used when a joint becomes bone-on-bone. Visit the website of a company to learn more about a Prosthetic Hip in Mansfield OH. In fact, prosthetics are used to replace the hip, knee and shoulder joints. A round implant is placed in the thigh bone or upper arm bone. Next, a socket attaches to the pelvis or shoulder blade to form a joint. The knee requires a more complicated procedure. Part of the thigh bone and the tibia are replaced with implants. Afterwards, a spacer is placed between the two devices. The spacer is what enables the patient to walk naturally.

Some prostheses are cosmetic only. For example, devices can be made to replace eyes and hands. These cosmetic devices make all the difference for individuals. For instance, many women lose their breasts to cancer. However, silicon can be used to replace the breasts. Fortunately, Medicare pays for prostheses to replace a body part or joint. Health insurance does not cover all prosthetic devices. Rather, health insurance covers devices that enable people to function normally. Under these guidelines, it appears a Prosthetic Hip in Mansfield OH would be covered. It is good to know that help is available for people who need it. Indeed, one out of every 200 Americans is missing a limb.

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