Newton KS Cancer Physicians, Meeting All of Your Cancer Needs.

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Cancer is a scary word, and it can bring up many emotions and fears. Are you fighting cancer? Do you know someone who has fought their battle with cancer? Do you have a family history that increases your chances of developing cancer? Odds are you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions. There is no simple cure for cancer, but early detection and treatment are key. Newton KS Cancer Physicians can help. Their prompt, friendly and compassionate care can make a world of difference.

Early detection is a big factor in the treatment of cancer. The sooner the cancer cells are discovered the greater the chance is that those cells can be killed. It is important to know the warning signs, and if they present themselves you should schedule an appointment promptly. Knowledge is power, so if you have a family history of cancer, be sure you know what you should be looking for. Clinics offer an online hereditary cancer quiz that you will find helpful. If you don’t have all your family history or are uncertain about the facts that you do have, they also offer genetic testing.

There is a variety of treatment options available for patients. One of these treatments is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is using chemicals to fight and prevent the cancer cells from being able to divide and multiply. Another form of treatment is radiation therapy. There are a variety of radiation treatments using several types of waves that damage and destroy cancer cells. These types of waves include x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams and protons.

First and foremost, know your medical history, ask questions and take notes so that you know the warning signs to look for. If you’re unable to attain your medical history on your own, look into genetic testing that can provide that information. Once you know your history, know the warning signs and check for them regularly. If any of those signs present themselves seek medical guidance. If the need for treatment arises then look not only for a place that will treat your cancer but that will treat you. Newton KS Cancer Physicians will treat you with the compassion and friendly faces that you deserve. Contact Business Name today for all of your cancer needs.

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