Obtaining Cash For Diamonds in Glendale AZ is Simpler Than Many Realize

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2019


Selling a valuable piece of jewelry can easily be the best way to raise some much-needed cash. Companies that offer Cash For Diamonds in Glendale AZ, like Arizona EZ Pawn, make it easy to convert spare jewelry into money that can used for anything at all. Just how much will be offered for a particular diamond depends upon a few straightforward things.

A Simple Formula Determines the Cash Value of Diamonds

Diamonds can now be produced in carefully controlled laboratories, but most that make their way into jewelry are still mined from the Earth. Regardless of where a given diamond came from, its value on the secondary market will depend on a number of distinct issues.

Obtaining Cash For Diamonds in Glendale AZ is quite simple, with an expert normally using a few related details to determine the amount to offer. The factors that contribute most directly to the value of any diamond are its:

  • Mass.
  • The weight of a diamond is normally expressed in a unit called the “carat,” although others can be used, as well. Larger diamonds are both rarer and more desirable than smaller ones, making them more valuable when all else is equal. In some cases, a particularly massive raw diamond that gets mined from underground will be cut into dozens of smaller gemstones for finishing and sale. An especially large diamond set in a piece of jewelry will always command a higher price than a smaller one.
  • Clarity.
  • Diamonds are mostly formed from carbon, but impurities almost always intrude, as well. The clarity of a given diamond will depend upon how much non-carbon material has ended up within its crystalline structure. Diamonds that are clearer and more brilliant will generally be worth more than those which are cloudy or contain visible inclusions.
  • Cut.
  • A raw diamond can be cut in many possible ways, and the particular choice that is made will influence the value of the finished product. A diamond’s cut should normally be chosen to best highlight its strengths.

An Easy Way to Turn Unwanted Jewelry Into Cash

Simply by looking into issues like these, diamond buyers in the area are able to make appropriate offers on loose stones and pieces of jewelry that are brought to them. In many cases, it will be possible to sell a diamond in minutes without needing to do any additional work. Contact Arizona EZ Pawn for more information.

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