Obtaining Emergency Dental Care in Ann Arbor, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


When someone has a tooth accidentally knocked out of their mouth, they will most likely want to obtain Emergency Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI as soon as possible. Getting to an emergency dentist promptly can make a difference in whether the dislodged tooth can be effectively inserted back into its original location. Here are some steps that should be taken after a permanent tooth is knocked out to aid in its reinsertion.

Clean The Tooth To Remove Debris

It is important to try to remove any debris that adheres to the knocked out tooth for sanitary reasons. The tooth should be held by the crown portion as touching the roots can lead to them becoming damaged. It is best to use a sink stopper when rinsing off a tooth so it does not mistakenly go down the drain if the impact of water is too great during the process.

Try Putting The Tooth Back In The Socket

The best place to keep a tooth that has fallen out is in the socket where it had fallen from. Position the tooth so it is facing the proper way and try to place the root portion back into the socket. Hold a washcloth or soft piece of cloth over the bottom portion of the tooth to aid in keeping it from shifting while driving or riding to an emergency dentist.

Contain The Tooth In The Proper Liquid

If the tooth can not be effectively placed back in the socket it fell from, it should be kept wet so the root portion does not dry up on the way to an emergency dentist. Water can alter the root, making it a better idea to place the tooth in a glass of milk instead. The tooth should be completely submerged.

When there is a need to get emergency dental care in Ann Arbor, MI, finding the right business to help in getting the problem cared for is necessary. Contact us as soon as a tooth falls out to alert someone about an emergency so staff members will be ready to take the patient immediately upon arrival to the facility.

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