O’Fallon Window Screen Repair – What You Need to Know

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


If your window frames are damaged and there are cracks appearing on the glass, you might want to think about taking some steps to get repairs done. Windows must be repaired after a few years to prevent air from escaping through the cracked or damaged frames. Cracked windows are also much easier for an intruder to get in through, potentially posing a serious security risk to your place. O’Fallon window screen repair services are offered by numerous companies throughout the city. But before you hire any company for repairing your windows, you need to keep the following details in mind.

Repairs or Replacement

In certain cases, the glass may not be in any condition for repairs. In such a situation, your only option would be to get the entire glass replaced on the windows. Similarly, if the window frames have cracked and moved out of place, the repairman will recommend that you get them replaced. While window screen repair is a cheaper option, you might have to consider replacement in some cases if the screen is broken beyond repair. You can contact visit us website if you want a professional to take a look at the windows and give you an estimate for the costs of repairs.

How Are Screens Repaired?

If your window screen has fallen off the slider or there is a tear in the wire mesh, you have to call a local window screen repair company. Because parts of the screen cannot be repaired, the entire wire mesh will have to be replaced. Depending upon the size of the screen, the costs of a new wire mesh will vary accordingly. It usually takes an hour or so for the company to repair the window screens and fix them in place.

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