Old Wood Window Repair in San Diego, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


The old wood windows in a home are a valuable, yet misunderstood element, in any historic home. There are some people who find they have been painted shut, are missing pieces of hardware and have other issues. This is when they typically consider replacement. However, prior to ripping these windows out, the homeowner should consider whether or not window repair in San Diego, CA is possible.
Some of the reasons that replacement seems like the obvious choice include:

* Windows that don’t operate properly

*Energy-inefficient, leaky windows

* Worries of lead paint

Old Wood Windows are Designed to be Easy to Repair

When it comes to window repair in San Diego, CA, old wood windows are some of the easiest ones to fix. Unlike modern replacement windows, where the entire unit has to be replaced if a problem arises, historic windows are able to be repaired by the piece. Each single piece of these windows is fixable or can be restored or replaced. This means that the entire unit doesn’t have to be scrapped.

Old Wood Windows can be Upgraded

Another benefit of old wood windows is that they can be upgraded rather easily. Many of these windows don’t have weather stripping installed. If this is not present, it can easily be added. This will offer a dramatic increase in the window’s efficiency.

Easy to Maintain

As long as the old wood windows are painted regularly, they don’t require much maintenance. With a bit of paint added every 10 years or so, the windows can easily remain protected and safe for a long time. This will minimise the need for replacement or window repair in San Diego, CA.

Resilient Window Option

Since these windows are made from old-growth lumber, when they are properly maintained they can last for centuries, unlike the modern replacement windows offered on the market. In fact, these windows have to often be replaced after just five to 10 years.

While it may seem obvious to simply replace the old wood windows in a home, this is not always going to be the best option. Repair is possible when a person knows what to do. More information about repairing these windows can be found by contacting Custom Mouldings Sash & Doors.

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