On the Level: Construction in the Digital Age

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


In construction, creating level foundations for a building is important. Before stone, metal or concrete foundational structures can be laid, height levels and topographical variations must be observed, noted and planned for accordingly. The best way to do this is to use a device called a level.

Why Digital?

Levels are used to note the grade and elevation of a given area. In today’s construction, these factors must be collected, cataloged and analyzed by digital means, so it only makes sense to implement the use of strictly digital levels. These devices are easier to use than previous models and are essential to any major construction job.

Traditional levels require more skill to use, as well as conducive conditions in weather, lighting and other factors to obtain proper readings from. Modern devices are more intuitive, providing accurate, reliable data collection. Companies like Frontier Precision boast a wide variety of these items, available to fit most budgets and most construction needs.

Who Needs a Level?

There are many applications for levels. Some of these include:

• Pre-construction planning and engineering

• Carpentry

• Landscaping projects, such as deck and parking area construction

• The routing of waterways and irrigation projects

• Work and repair performed by electricians

• Projects planned by homeowners and decorators

• Event planning and set-up, such as for festivals, concerts fairs and more

All of these applications benefit from the use of construction levels, and digital levels are today’s builders’ most reliable tool for every type of job. By using the same tool to observe an area, collect necessary information, analyze and file that same information and present it to construction collaborators, engineers and technicians are able to simplify the building process and ensure informed decisions by everyone involved.

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