Open Vs. Crate Shipping For Motorcycles In Utah

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


If you have a motorcycle to transport to a buyer in another city or state, one option for getting it there is to drive it. However, unless the distance is very short, the buyer will not want to put so many miles and so much wear on the engine before taking possession. Consequently, if you’re selling your motorcycle to a distant or overseas buyer, you will most likely choose to ship the bike. The two options you’ll have to choose from are open and closed shipping, and each has some advantages.

In one common method of open shipping, the motorcycle will ride on a trailer that is made to carry bikes. The wheels fit into tracks in the floor of the trailer to keep the motorcycle upright, and the front and back wheels are tied down. Alternatively, motorcycles can be tied down to palettes and shipped in a closed trailer. Open shipping is a much less expensive method than crate shipping; however, an uncrated motorcycle can be exposed to rain or other destructive weather conditions, and it’s also more vulnerable to damage in the shipping process through contact with other bikes or rough handling in general.

Crate Shipping in Utah is a more expensive but much safer way to ship a motorcycle. Unless you have a lot of experience and tools, it’s not a good idea to attempt to crate your own bike for shipping. What you can do yourself, though, is disconnect the battery and drain all gas and oil before you take it in. This will protect the crate from damage in the case of a leak. A professional crating service will perform a thorough inspection of your bike before crating it. Then they will place it in a crate that is appropriately designed and sized for your vehicle. Safe crating includes removing or fixing any loose items, tying down the bike at the front and back end with soft straps, and cushioning the machine with protective materials like thick coverings or pads. Once the motorcycle is well fixed in the crate, the rest of the crate will be assembled.

Shipping your motorcycle in a closed container is the best way to ensure that it arrives at its destination in good condition. For more information about Crate Shipping in Utah, check out BoxPac Inc.

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