Our Move-In Day Survival Guide – for Landlords!

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Everyone knows how much stress move-in day can bring. There’s so much for new residents to keep track of: new keys, old keys, making sure absolutely everything is packed and loaded, trying to navigate from the old residents to the new one and hoping all your belongings make it to your new place intact. It’s only natural that tenants occasionally lose track of one aspect of the moving process or another along the way. Luckily, as their landlord, there are a few things you can do to make it easier, such as drawing up a checklist. Here are a few suggestions to get your list started.

Greeting Your Tenant

Moving into a rental property is a bit different than moving into a mortgaged home. Because a rental property is owned and managed by someone else, tenants have to deal with more rules and restrictions than they would otherwise. You can help make the transition a little smoother for your tenants by giving them a written hard copy of the rules you’ve discussed, so they will have something to refer to and keep in mind as they get settled.

Share Contacts

Now that you have a new tenant in your property, it never hurts to ask how to get in touch with them, and to give them resources on how to get in touch with you if and when they need to. In addition to this information, any property management company in Las Vegas will recommend being sure to ask them about their banking and checking. By doing this, you can get the ball rolling in terms of rent payments to make sure that first transaction clears smoothly.

Do Your Research

Every property management company in Las Vegas you talk to will suggest you check up on clients before you give them the go-ahead to move in. You will want a tenant with a good credit score and general reputation. These two factors will serve as hallmarks that they will be a reliable tenant you can expect at least a decent relationship with.

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