Overcome Cavities With a General Dentistry in Manahawkin, NJ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Cavities are something no one wants to have to face. When cavities begin in a person’s smile, they can sometimes spread to several teeth and cause major disruptions to a person’s oral health. The sooner one is treated for a cavity; the less likely major damages will occur. With General Dentistry in Manahawkin NJ, a person can protect the health of their smile, so they do not suffer tooth loss.

When cavities are present, a person needs to seek immediate help from a General Dentistry in Manahawkin NJ. The dentist will first need to diagnose the patient to see if cavities are causing their symptoms. Cavities can be diagnosed with a full examination and X-rays. X-rays are an integral part of diagnosing cavities since they show how deep the damage runs. If a dentist sees a tooth is damaged into the root, the tooth will likely need to be pulled before necrosis sets in.

Cavities are repaired in the same manner no matter how advanced they have become. The dentist first numbs the tooth to ensure the patient feels no pain or discomfort as their tooth is being worked on. Once the patient is numb, the dentist will gather the necessary tools so the decayed areas can be removed from the tooth. This removal prevents the ongoing damage of the tooth.

The removal of decay requires the dentist to then fill the tooth. Fillings are made from a host of materials, including composite, porcelain, metal alloy, and amalgam. Today, composite materials and porcelain fillings are the most popular because they can be shaded to match the tooth, so they blend in without being obvious. Once in place, a simple filling may last up to ten years, protecting the tooth, so no further pain is felt.

If you are suffering from a cavity, it is important you receive dental care right away. To schedule your cavity appointment, contact Little Egg Dental. They provide a wide array of dental services to keep their patients’ smiles healthy and strong. With prompt dental care, your oral health can be protected, so you do not lose any teeth to decay.

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