Packing Tips from Local Movers in Council Bluffs IA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Any type of move can be daunting. Whether moving the contents of a small apartment across town or moving an entire factory across the country, preparing and packing are extensive. Most people wait until the last minute because they have been procrastinating for months. Experienced Local Movers in Council Bluffs IA can help with the process from the very beginning.


To make a move go smoothly, planning should begin way before the moving day. It eases anxiety and ensures all aspects of moving are covered. Eight weeks before the move, get a floor plan of the new location and gather estimates from a few moving companies.

Start researching available doctors and dentists at the six-week mark. It is also wise to select a moving company and call to schedule the move. Leading movers, such as Holiday Van & Storage, will explain all available services and confirm the moving day. Clean out closets and have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. Donating them is also an option.

One month before the move is the time to reserve a truck or trailer for those moving on their own. Purchase packing supplies and place essential papers in one folder. The folder should contain medical, dental, and school records if applicable, along with birth certificates. Arrange for utilities at both locations.

The last two weeks before the move, have the vehicle serviced and make plans for moving any pets or plants. Check with mover because many will not transport plants. Transfer bank accounts and have any prescriptions forwarded to the new pharmacy.


Those utilizing Local Movers in Council Bluffs IA can elect to have staff pack up all their belongings. That is preferable if it fits into the budget. Another option is to have professionals pack up large and fragile items, while you pack personal belongings. The cost will be lower, and packing will take less time.

Be sure to mark boxes for easy unpacking. For more detailed information regarding moving with children, pets, or plants, Browse the website. Long and short-term secured storage is also available for convenience. Moving services are offered for local and long distance moves for residential, commercial, and military customers.

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