Pasadena Animal Control And Handling Animal Problems

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2019


Some animals can become nuisances for homeowners. These animals dig holes in yards, knock over garbage cans, eat flowers, and cause other problems. In some cases, they will even attack pets or people who are outside. What can a person do to protect their property from wild animals?

Defined Borders

Creating a defined border is one form of Pasadena Animal Control. By making it more difficult for an animal to access a property, a homeowner is less likely to have problems. The animal will usually look for a property that is easier to access. Fencing is the best way to create a defined border. Fences can be erected around gardens to protect vegetation from small animals and deer. Attachments can be used with fencing to deter animals from trying to scale fences. A regular inspection of the fence should be made to make sure animals have not tunneled underneath it or created any holes to squeeze through.


Repellents can also be used as a form of Pasadena Animal Control. Homeowners can use chemical repellents, natural repellents, or a combination of both. Some people choose to create their own repellents at home. Repellents can be put down around a property’s borders. Monthly switching of the type of repellent that is used is a good idea. Some animals will get less fearful of a repellent if it is used over and over again. can help with nuisance animals.

Protecting Pets

Some animals can hurt pets. Along with other measures that deter animals, pet owners must take other precautions. A pet should only be allowed outside when the animal can be supervised. Feeding a pet outside isn’t a good idea as the food can attract wild animals. Pets should not be chained while outside. If a wild animal does gain access to the property, the pet can’t escape harm if tethered.

Keeping wild animals off a property can be a full-time job for some people. If a person lives by a wooded area, it’s only natural that they will have animals to deal with. Getting the help of a professional animal control expert will be necessary in a lot of cases.

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