Pediatric Dentists Suggest Better Eating Habits for Healthier Teeth

Posted By : admin , on Jan, 2022


Most parents are unaware that the most common complications with oral health are tooth decay and gum disease. While not as prominent in younger children, both of these oral diseases are easily preventable. One of the best methods of improving your oral health is by monitoring your eating habits. While you may have heard the saying, you are what you eat, it is very true not only for your weight, but for your mouth as well. By introducing a healthy diet to your children and making sure that they see pediatric dentists in Chino Hills at least twice per year, you are teaching them healthy habits that will promote good health all around.

The Role of Nutrition

Even though diet is not the only factor that could cause tooth decay and periodontal disease, there are studies that show the diseases are more severe in patients who do not have a diet complete with essential nutrients. Poor eating habits can lead to weakened immune systems, which then leave your body vulnerable to various ailments, including periodontal disease.

A Well Balanced Diet

There is no specific diet or regimen that you must incorporate into your child’s daily eating. However, it is simply ideal that you feed them a well balanced meal. Trying to restrict one particular food group or another for a child’s diet limits the amount of nutrients their body is receiving. By utilizing the five food groups, incorporating lean meats, veggies, fruits, and dairy into their meals can make a huge difference in their oral health. Limiting high sugar contents such as fruit drinks, candy, and soda are also advised to prevent cavities and other teeth and gum complications.

Kids have to be taught how to better take care of their bodies so that they continue to do so as they get older. By incorporating all the food groups into their diet and minimizing sugars and high amounts of fat, you can help to prevent tooth decay or periodontal disease from an early age. Of course, while incorporating better eating habits, it is also important to contact Kids Dental Specialists for dental cleanings and other preventative measures on the regular basis.

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