Pediatric Home Services for All Needs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Bringing the baby home is a joyous occasion. The nursery is set up, diapers and bottles are at the ready, and monitors have been connected. It is a common occurrence that is exceptional for each child and the parents. There will be times when the baby needs support and pediatric home services.

Certain Circumstances

Infants born with severe abnormalities or those who require a respirator, will need follow up visits from skilled nursing staff. Babies with development disabilities will need support and parents will need help with personal care, depending on the degree at which development is delayed. Children who have to have surgery may need home care during their recovery.

An experienced agency, such as Careminders Home Care, will have highly trained professionals available. Background checks are extensive for the safety and security of the child. Continued training provides the knowledge necessary to operate technological equipment.

Home Therapy

Delays or complications with mobility, speaking, and eating can be addressed with the child in the home setting. Physical therapy can begin early to help with balance, build strength, and become accustomed to any assist device needed. Speech therapy and occupational therapy services are also available in-home. Young children can adapt faster in familiar settings, and will develop skills essential to daily living activities and getting around the house safely.

The Process

The first step to arranging for pediatric home services is a free assessment and consultation. A nurse will arrive to assess the needs of the child, as well as the layout of the house. Speaking to parents to determine what they need will also be part of that initial contact. Recommendations will be made for appropriate services.

The nurse can outline each service suggested and answer any questions that arise. Parents can decide which services they believe will be most helpful and what frequency works best for the family. Acute medical needs can be arranged immediately.

The frequency of secondary services, such as physical therapy, will be based on the degree of care required. Exercises, for example, can be taught to parents so they can be completed on a daily basis. A visit from the therapist may only be needed once a week for monitoring purposes. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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