Personal Injury Attorneys in Vernon, CT Explore the Case of a Car Against a Bike

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Take a car. It weighs about two tons for a mid to compact-sized vehicle. It can go well over 100 miles per hour and the road is designed around it. Now take a bike. It weighs 50 pounds at best. It fits one driver. When a bike goes against a car, the bike will always lose.

The battle takes a different form in the court of law. If there is a personal injury case involving a vehicle accident and a bike, the court will naturally favor the bicyclist. The compensation and the injuries will as well. This places the car driver in a particularly unkind situation. What if they were injured? What happens then?

Personal injury attorneys in Vernon, CT have fought many uphill battles, and this is certainly a tough one. An argument must be made that steers the conversation towards the driver. The conversation needs to encourage an open discussion involving both parties. Though one was on a bike, the injuries of the driver and their concerns are just as valid.

Furthermore, this scenario is not mutually exclusive. An injury for the biker is certainly substantial, but it has little bearing on the injuries of the vehicle driver. They are separate entities intertwined in the same incident. Personal injury attorneys in Vernon, CT argue that the driver has faced injuries that are worth compensation of some kind.

Lastly, the bike driver may have stretched the rules of the road. There may be a deeper underlying concern involved with the rules, such as the biker not waiting for a light or riding in an unmarked area. The auto driver should argue a need just for the compensation owed to them based on the injuries sustained. The argument is not clear, and a savvy lawyer can find discrepancies and variables that make the case a lot more balanced.

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