Pest Control in Columbia, MD: Key to Healthy Homes

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


It is common knowledge that pest control companies can remove annoying uninvited bugs and animals. However, even customers who use companies like Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. often have no idea that Pest Control in Columbia MD, is actually keeping them healthy. In fact, these technicians can identify, remove and prevent a range of problems that might harm clients.

Professionals Protect Family Health

The specialists who offer Pest Control in Columbia MD, know that common pests are not only a nuisance but can carry disease. Roach allergens often irritate allergies and many bugs leave unsanitary droppings. Mice and rats carry diseases and can transport the deer ticks that cause Lyme disease. Stings from hidden bees nests might be life-threatening, and some spider bites are toxic. Bats sometimes live in attics without anyone realizing it until they notice bite marks when waking up. These and many other problems can be almost impossible for homeowners to treat, or even notice, but experts handle them efficiently.

Experts Find All the Problems

Pest control technicians search homes and property thoroughly during an inspection. They often examine attics, basements and even crawl spaces. Professionals will also find signs of pests in walls and foundations. They can detect virtually impossible-to-see termites and bed bugs. Experts are trained to understand the feeding and living habits of dozens of species so they can create custom treatment solutions. These might consist of traps or baits that are designed to remove living pests as well as future generations.

Technicians Prevent Future Issues

When exterminators examine properties, they look for problems that could be causing infestations. Technicians note woodpiles and other materials resting close to foundations. They identify access areas that allow rodents in. Professionals also find food and water sources that are attracting unwanted visitors. They report their findings to clients and make suggestions that could eliminate future issues. Specialists also arrange scheduled inspections designed to head off problems.

Even the cleanest home can actually be unhealthy when insects and rodents invade. As a result, many homeowners hire exterminators to protect their families. These experts can easily find, treat and prevent hazardous pest problems.

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