Physicians in Dexter, MO Provide a Wide-Range of Medical Services

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Dealing with a chronic or life-threatening illness is stressful and exhausting. It’s difficult for patients who don’t feel well to travel to several locations for medical treatment. Physicians in Dexter, MO understand this. They have joined forces with medical centers that provide a variety of care within one facility. In addition to seeing their family doctor, they can set up appointments with surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and even physical therapists. It is easy for them to get medical tests and coordinate between several doctors. They can schedule several appointments for the same morning or afternoon. This minimizes the amount of time that a caregiver has to take off from work.

Surgery is often necessary to treat illnesses and injuries. Having it performed near home and in a familiar setting can reduce stress. If it is an out-patient procedure, the patient will appreciate the short ride home. If the patient has to stay at the facility for a few days, family members will appreciate how easy it is to visit them. After the patient is discharged, it is usually necessary for them to follow-up with their physicians in Dexter, MO within 72 hours. If the surgeon sees that the incision needs special attention, he can refer them to the wound and hyperbaric clinic. This is needed more frequently than people imagine. Diabetes is a common illness and it makes it difficult for an incision to heal. If a person has poor blood supply to an area or is subject to infection, they will need specialists to help them heal.

Medical emergencies often happen when doctors have closed their offices for the day or weekend. A medical center has both an emergency room that handles trauma and an express clinic that handles non-traumatic injuries and illnesses. The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, each day. The express clinic is open extended hours, even on holidays. Patients of all ages can be treated at one of these facilities. A child can have their broken arm set or a grandparent can be treated for pneumonia. The Missouri Delta Medical Center is one of the facilities in Dexter that provide these services.


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