Planning Your Service With A Funeral Company

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2022


Planning in advance for your death is a true gift for your family. When individuals have a Will, a funeral plan, and have left clear instructions for their funeral service, the family has far fewer decisions to make at a very difficult time.

Working with a trusted, established funeral company in the Hayward area makes it easy for individuals or couples to plan ahead. This can be extremely detailed planning or general plans that provide guidelines for what you wish for the service.

Consider Your Options

It is a good idea to do some research before talking to a funeral company. This is particularly important if you wish to have a faith-based service such as a Funeral Mass and committal or a Memorial Service and committal.

When following the teachings of your faith is important, it is essential to be able to state exactly what you desire. Working with a funeral director familiar with your faith’s teachings is extremely helpful in ensuring all aspects of the service are included in your planning.

Cremation or Traditional Burial

In the Hayward area, both cremation and traditional burial are options to consider. Cremation offers a lower cost process, while a traditional burial is more customary in many families.

If you are choosing cremation, it is helpful to talk to the family and address any objections, questions, or concerns. This helps the family to understand your wishes. The funeral company can provide information, pricing, and options to consider with either selection.

Sorensen Chapel is a funeral company offering funeral, cremation, and cemetery services in the Hayward area. For more information or to speak with a Family Service Advisor, contact them today.

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