Plastic Injection Molding Companies And The Automotive Industry

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


In the automotive industry, the trend is toward light but durable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Adapting vehicular designs as well as technology has ensured the exploration of utilizing different materials in automotive construction. Among these is plastic Injection molding companies are providing a variety of services to achieve the goals of automotive companies. They offer everything from design concept to completion.

Applications for Plastic Injection Molding

In the automobile industry, plastic injection can supply a number of components. In terms of actual applications, they comprise several components in the following automotive parts:

Engine: Plastic injection molding companies can produce a variety of engine parts, including:
* Air-intake systems
* Fluid containers
* Valve covers

Exterior: When it comes to the exterior, the durability and low-cost of plastic encourage use in:
* Body panels
* Bumpers
* Headlights
* Hoods
* Grilles
* Windows

Interior: By using plastic in the interior of a vehicle, manufacturers can provide a fashionable, comfortable but durable and highly functional product. Plastic is quite aesthetically pleasing and finds prominence in such components as:
* Airbags
* Dashboards
* Door panels
* Seats
* Steering wheels

Overall, automotive companies choose plastic because it satisfies several demands. Molded plastic manages to be durable and lightweight while presenting a fashionable face to the public. It can be comfortable, performance, and longevity. One of its best features, however, is its low cost.

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic injection molding companies produce both standardized and customized components allowing companies to run off large runs from a single mold. Where once, plastic was relegated to smaller components in vehicles, e.g., knobs, they are now acceptable and sought after for large parts such as consoles, door panels, and dashboards. Plastic injection molds now allow an automotive company to quickly, reliably and effortlessly produce and reproduce components of sizes ranging from the minuscule to the enormous.

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