Points to Consider When Designing Custom Decks in Lancaster, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


The idea of replacing the old deck with something new sounds appealing, but some decisions need to be made first. Since Custom Decks in Lancaster PA can include a number of features, it pays to decide what combination of elements would produce the best results. Here are some examples that will help the homeowner begin to think about what the custom deck should include.

Choice of Materials

When coming up with ideas for Custom Decks in Lancaster PA, it’s not unusual for homeowners to think about using a great deal of wood. In fact, just about any deck design is likely to use wood for several of the key elements. Keep in mind that it’s not the only choice. Metal can also be used for the railing, steps, and several other features. Consider how using more than one type of material would impact the functionality of the deck in light of how the client envisions using the space.

More Than One Level

How many levels does the new deck need to include? Perhaps one level could include space for enjoying the sun while another level is set aside for dining or playing board games. There may even be a covered section that is designed to function as an outdoor living room. Talk with the contractor about how to create space that will be ideal for every application that the homeowner has in mind for the deck.

Safety Features

Railing is not the only type of safety feature that needs to be included in the design. Additional precautions are a good idea, especially if there are children in the home. A contractor can provide some suggestions based on the ages of the kids and show how they would come in handy in certain situations.

If the homeowner has decided that now is the time to install a custom deck, talk with the team at Walter & Jackson Inc today. With a little discussion about specifics, it will not be hard to come up with plans for the outdoor space. Once the details are worked out and work gets underway, it will not take that long to finish the deck and allow the entire family to start enjoying the space.

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