Police Car Equipment

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Manufacturers that make or assemble the police equipment aren’t typically the ones completing the installation. Police departments have varying needs when it involves the cars or cruisers they use and the equipment that goes inside them is determined by a few different factors. Location, degree of use and department policies are some of the major things that must be taken into consideration when departments purchase equipment for their police cars. Due to the fact that the style of the cars may vary, installation of the equipment will vary as well. Many departments contract outside installation services to take care of their vehicle installation or for larger divisions, they have their own mechanics to take care of installation of equipment on the vehicles.

The Interior View

Though to many people, the equipment inside of police cars have a cool factor in appearance, they all have their very own job in terms of safety and protection. Radios, radars, communication devices, laptops are only the surface of what’s inside of a normal patrol car. The armrest that most ordinary cars have don’t have a place in the police cruiser but instead there is usually a swivel mount to secure the laptop These laptops are extremely helpful in transmitting and receiving digital information from the main station to the patrol unit. The officer is armed with the ability to do a lot of things beginning with linking to a database that lists stolen vehicles, outstanding warrants, verification of identification and license plates. All of these conveniences simplify the process of serving in the field and keeping the streets safe and secure from crime or potential dangerous road travel.

Shield of Protection

Police are trained to serve and protect and their police car is a crucial part of their responsibility. Everything from the light bar to the window divider is considered to be a contributor to the service factor. There are many duties that are simplified due to the added assistance offered by contemporary and innovative equipment that is installed in police cars. Once the department determines the type of equipment best suited for the vehicles, the installation process begins. Only qualified mechanics or service personnel are authorized to install equipment in the patrol units. Extreme measures of safety and precaution are exercised when contracting an outside source to install or repair police equipment. It is imperative that all installed equipment meets protocol and performs as it should.

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