Policy Features to Consider for Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Independent agents for motorcycle insurance in Illinois can provide quotes from many companies. That’s an advantage for prospective customers looking for coverage at the best rates. Motorcycle owners also will want to choose an agency and insurer known for responding promptly if a claim ever must be filed. The agent helps with the process and files the claim.

A Fault State

In some states, no-fault insurance laws require a person’s own automotive insurer to pay even when another driver caused the accident. Illinois, in contrast, does not have these laws. Still, if another driver strikes the motorcycle and causes damage, the bike owner should contact her agent. That person takes responsibility for contacting the other driver’s insurer and manages the claim.

Personal Injury Protection

Although Illinois requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance, not everyone obeys this regulation. For this reason, choosing motorcycle insurance in Illinois that includes personal injury protection is advisable. The owner will be protected financially if he is ever injured by an uninsured driver.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Optional comprehensive and collision coverage also are recommended. These policy additions pay for repairs to the bike or the current value if the insurer declares it a total loss. Collision coverage pays if the motorcyclist ever loses control and gets into a one-vehicle accident. Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by incidents like vandalism, fire, storms, and collisions with wildlife.

Independent insurance agents are ready to provide quotes to motorcycle owners and assist with claims. Check out Accurate Auto Insurance for Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois.

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