Pool Remodeling in Tampa Allows Residents to Keep Swimming All Winter

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Swimming Pool Contractor


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Many people long to move south and get out of cold, snowy weather for good. They may have vacationed in Florida several times but still not be entirely clear how warm it is in certain areas from late fall to early spring. A retired couple with their heart set on moving to Tampa may wonder whether it’s warm enough to swim there in November, December and January. They may be considering buying a home that needs Pool Remodeling in Tampa to make the swimming pool perfect for their preferences, but will they be able to use it during this time of year?

Nights are pretty chilly in this part of Florida, with the average overnight temperature only in the 50s from December through March. People generally agree that swimming in the Gulf is unpleasant by November because the water turns cold. However, an outdoor swimming pool can be enjoyed many days of the coldest month, which in Florida is January. If the retired couple plans to move to Florida before winter arrives, they can still get their Pool Remodeling in Tampa completed after buying the house and be ready to swim right away. Back home, everyone will be digging themselves out of the latest snowstorm, but the new Florida residents will have fun swimming in the sunshine.

Now, it’s true that long-time Florida residents may think their new neighbors are a bit daft to be outside swimming in such chilly weather. People from a cold climate, however, will find the temperatures to often be quite balmy. Average daytime temperatures in Tampa are in the 70s even in December, January, and February. Back home, municipal pools stay open from June through August, even when temperatures drop into the 60s.

A company such as Natural Springs Pools can renovate this swimming pool, so it has the features the couple wants. The technicians will do any repair work that is necessary to get the pool back in excellent condition. In addition, the swimming pool will likely need a heater in order for it to be truly comfortable in the winter, especially if the new residents want to have neighbors over for a swim. More information can be found at Naturalspringspools.com.

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