Popping Jaw? What You Should Know About TMJ Treatment in Middleton WI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


The popping and clicking that you hear when you move your jaw may be an indication of an abnormality in the joint. Many cases of TMJ are mild are only cause occasional symptoms. Moderate to severe cases of TMJ can cause more serious problems, including severe pain, sleep disruption, and lockjaw. Here’s what you should know about TMJ treatment.

Disorder of the Temporal Mandibular Joint

The temporal mandibular joints let you open and close your mouth, chew food, and speak clearly. You have this joint on either side of your jaw. The pain and popping sound is caused by the joint slipping or sticking within the cavity. Common causes of TML disorder are arthritis, stress, injury, grinding the teeth, poor jaw and tooth alignment, and dislocation of the joint.

Dos and Don’ts of TMJ

If you have TMJ, you should speak to your dentist about possible treatments. You may need a mouth guard to prevent grinding. Medications can help with any inflammation in the joint. Your dentist may want to take x-rays to see if you have any damage inside the joint. You should not press against the jaw joint or continuously pop the joint. This will worsen the damage and may prevent you from opening and closing your mouth. You should avoid hard foods that put pressure on the jaw joint.

Surgery for TMJ

In the most extreme cases of TMJ, surgery is recommended to repair the joint. You may need orthodontic treatments to align the teeth and jaw.

Learn More About TMJ Treatment in Middleton, WI

The TMJ and Sleep Center specializes in TMJ treatment for Middleton, WI, residents. Call us for more information and schedule an appointment. You can also visit us on the web at Tmjpaincenter.com.

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