Popular Homeowner Questions About Engineered Wood Flooring In Nassau County

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Homeowners who love the look of a hardwood floor, but don’t have the funds available in their budget to justify the purchase, often choose engineered hardwood instead. This flooring material has the look of solid hardwood, but the cost is very friendly on the budget. Before visiting a store that carries Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County, read the questions below to learn more about this popular type of flooring material.

Q.) What kinds of materials are used to construct engineered hardwood flooring?

A.) When engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured, it’s constructed in numerous layers. While the top layer of each plank is hardwood, the remaining bottom layers consist of various types of less expensive wood, such as plywood. The bottom layers are strategically placed to keep the planks from expanding once they’re installed. This configuration allows engineered wood flooring to be placed in any room in the home, including rooms that are above or below grade. For the top layer of wood, homeowners can choose from various hardwood species including oak, pine and bamboo.

Q.) Is engineered wood a durable flooring material?

A.) When homeowners install engineered hardwood flooring in their homes, they can expect this type of flooring material to last up to 80 years. Engineered hardwood flooring is often installed in areas of the home that are vulnerable to having moisture issues, such as in bathrooms and basements. The unique construction of the flooring material prevents it from buckling or warping when exposed to dampness and humidity.

Q.) Are engineered hardwood floors difficult to clean and maintain?

A.) Another benefit of purchasing Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County is that it’s easy to care for and clean. Homeowners should use a broom or a vacuum for daily sweeping of the floor. When using a vacuum, make sure that it doesn’t have a rotating bar. When cleaning spots and stains on the floor, homeowners can use a dampened mop and an engineered hardwood flooring cleaner if necessary.

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