Potential Benefits of Cremation in Bel Air

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2019


Nobody wants to think about dying, but it’s a fact of life. Making a few decisions ahead of time and making sure your friends and family know what your wishes are after your death can make things a lot easier for everyone involved. One option that has benefits that should be considered is Cremation in Bel Air.

Money Savings

Getting cremated can save a great deal of money compared to having a traditional burial, especially if you opt for direct cremation. Of course, certain factors can increase the cost, such as having a visitation before cremation, having a remembrance ceremony, and having the cremains buried in a burial plot. Potential savings include not needed to have the body embalmed, not needing a casket, and not needing a burial plot or headstone.


When a person is buried in a cemetery, it may become difficult for loved ones to visit if they move away from the area. If desired, people can store cremains in an urn and bring them with whenever they move, keeping their loved one’s remains nearby.


In some ways, Cremation in Bel Air can be environmentally-friendly. For example, no land needs to be dug up for the burial of the remains, which is especially important in areas where there isn’t a lot of extra land for burials or much of the land is below sea level and prone to flooding. Although the act of burning the body does release some chemicals into the air, newer forms of cremation limit any potential air pollution from the cremation process as much as possible.

Lots of Options

You can choose to have a memorial service or not, and you can choose any number of places to spread the cremains after the ceremony, and you have more flexibility over the timing of any remembrance ceremony or dispersal of the ashes. Just be sure to check out any relevant laws, as it isn’t legal to spread these ashes just anywhere. This is true both at sea as well as on land. These options make it possible to follow the wishes of the deceased as closely as possible.

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