Preparing for a PET/CT Scan

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


When it comes time to prepare for your PET/CT scan, there are some steps that you must be sure to take. There is nothing to fear when undergoing this procedure, but knowing what to expect and how to prep yourself will make a world of difference. Your PET/CT in Riverhead, NY will be as smooth as silk if you follow these guidelines. Let’s take a closer look!

Before the Test

Twenty-four hours prior to your exam, you will want to ease up on the physical activity. There is no need to injury yourself or stress your body. If anything, use this day to rest and be at ease. Be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You want to get those fluids in, be it through glasses of water, fruit juices, or water-dense fruits and vegetables. Speaking of your diet, be sure to ease up on the carbs the day before the examination. Another important consideration is making yourself comfortable during the test. You will be in an enclosed space for a period of time, so if that is something that may give you fear or panic, be sure to come in prepared. Do you need medications, some music, or a friend to go with you?

The Day of The Scan

Now that the big day is here, try to be on time. Actually, the earlier, the better, and most professionals recommend getting to the doctor’s office sooner and planning on being there for about three hours. No eating or drinking anything but water for six hours before your procedure. You can’t chew gum or take breath mints either, but it is okay to take your prescribed medication. In order to ensure that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as you can, try wearing clothing that is looser, cozy, and simple. You do not want to wear garments with metal parts, and ditch the jewelry as well.

After the Scan

Once your exam is over (which will be before you even know it!) you will want to take in more fluids that usual. The procedure involves the introduction of certain medical fluids, so by drinking lots of water you can help to flush them safely from your body. Expect the results from your examination within three to five business days. Other than that, there is really nothing else to it! Now that you are more aware, getting a PET/CT scan will be a piece of cake!

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