Preparing for an Initial Visit to a Family Doctor in Kingwood

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


It can be scary to see a new doctor for the first time. A person may be embarrassed and not know what to expect. While this is understandable, it’s not an excuse to avoid medical care. Instead, a person can prepare ahead of time so a visit to a new Family Doctor in Kingwood will be productive and less stressful. The following guidelines can help with this task.

Preparation for a visit to a new doctor should start at least a week before the visit. A person can call the new doctor’s office to ask about obtaining new patient forms. These forms can usually be obtained online, by mail, or by picking them up in person. All forms should be filled out as accurately and completely as possible. One form will be the registration form. This form will contain a person’s name, address, place of employment, and insurance information. A person will probably need to sign a HIPAA privacy authorization form. This document gives the doctor’s office permission to release certain medical information to designated people on the form.

A person will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire. This document will ask a patient a series of questions pertaining to the current status of the patient’s health. A patient should not be embarrassed about giving facts about her health. Doing this will help a doctor treat a patient. An individual may need to send her medical records to her new Family Doctor in Kingwood. This can usually be done at no charge when faxed directly from one doctor to another doctor. A person may want to only release certain information to her new doctor. To do this, a patient will have to fill out a form with her old doctor to only send certain information.

Part of maintaining good health is seeing a doctor on a regular basis. A patient can do this by establishing herself with a qualified family doctor. Being prepared for a first visit will make it easier for the doctor for form a diagnosis. For more information on medical services, a person can talk to a professional at Visit Care 4 Houston. This practice can handle many types of medical issues.

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