Preparing for Sod Installation in McLean, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Sod is the easiest and fastest way to turn a muddy expanse into a lush lawn. Sod Installation in McLean VA will turn an eyesore into a desirable lawn instantly. With the right care, it will retain its beauty indefinitely. It is necessary to take some time to prepare the yard before the sod is installed.

Order the Sod

Measure the yard carefully to determine how much sod is needed. Most experts recommend ordering approximately 5-10 percent more product than what is needed. This will make certain enough is available for difficult to maneuver corners and in case some is damaged during installation.

Prepare the Yard

Soften the soil and mix in some compost with a rototiller. Take a soil test to determine the pH level of the soil to ensure the new sod will be able to thrive. Tests are available from college extension programs and through some garden centers. The Internet offers numerous instructions for performing free at-home tests.

Level the Ground

Raking the soil to prevent any dips or hills will help to make certain the sod looks its best once it is in place. Carefully inspect the area around any paths, patios or the driveway. If the soil is currently level with these features, it will become much higher once the sod is in place. If the problem is extensive, it may require hiring someone to dig out and grade the area before installation.

Water the Soil

Dampen the soil slightly before the arrival of the sod. This is so the sod can be installed as quickly as possible and will not dry out waiting for installation. Water the sod again as soon as the installation is complete and continue to water it daily for the first week.

With a Sod Installation in McLean VA, homeowners can see exactly what their yard will look like when the sod is in place. They do not have to worry about birds eating the grass seed or having the area destroyed by wind or rain before the grass can grow. Drought tolerant sod is easy to care for and durable. Contact Premier Turf Farms to learn more about the benefits of sod.

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