Preparing to Discuss Jewelry Insurance Service in Monroe County, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Most people that drive have automobile insurance. Those that live in a home have either renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. But many times some of a family’s most valuable possessions are overlooked and under insured. While home insurance does cover damage to property, it doesn’t always cover the full amount it may take to replace jewelry with financial and sentimental value. Today, a Jewelry Insurance Service in Monroe County MI can offer peace of mind to those that want to protect important wearable items.

Make an Inventory

Before insuring anything, it’s important to know exactly what pieces need to be covered. This means getting everything out and creating an inventory. While it is possible to list each item with a brief description, many homeowners find that taking a picture of each item to be paired with the information is ideal. These items need to be kept nearby before the policy can be completed.

Collect the Paperwork

In addition to the jewelry, it helps to have any and all paperwork associated with each of the pieces. If the original receipt is somewhere, add it to the description and picture. If an appraisal has already been done, that too should be added to the mix. This gives a homeowner a clear picture of what should be insured and to some extent, the overall worth of the jewelry.

Make the Appointments

In some cases, certain items will need to be examined and appraised in order to get started with a policy from a Jewelry Insurance Service in Monroe County, MI. Set up an appointment with a jeweler and if possible, bring everything in at one time to get looked at. This can save time and keep things moving efficiently in the right direction. Once again, any paperwork received should be added to the current documentation.

Once everything is together, it’s time to choose the policy that best suits your needs. If you aren’t sure what makes sense for you, request an appointment and learn more about the different options. Don’t overlook the value of your jewelry. While it may not be out and displayed all the time, it’s still an important part of your overall monetary worth.

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